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by Pat Jordan (Author), and
Alex Belth (Editor) is a website devoted to the original, unpublished and unedited stories of Pat Jordan. 

Mr. Jordan is the acclaimed author of A False Spring, his memoir, which Time Magazine called “one of the best and truest books about baseball, and about coming to maturity in America…” 

The stories on this website are available to readers for the first time.  Some were bought by magazines and never published and some were never bought.

They will be available on this website in their original typewritten format, which include Mr. Jordan’s handwritten corrections and notes for the reader to better understand the writing process.

"The Good Son"

“The Good Son” is a short story I wrote on my own and have yet to sell.  It’s partly autobiographical, partly fiction, about two brothers, the good one and the bad one.  I hope you like it.  Pat Jordan  To read more, click here.





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All stories are Copyright © 2004 - 2009 Pat Jordan All Rights Reserved

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